In the run-up of the 2015 regional elections the party was riven in internal disputes and was divided mainly in three groups: Berlusconi's loyalists, Fitto's "Rebuilders" and nostalgics of the "Nazareno pact". A democracy cannot afford citizens in poor conditions. The manner and the timing of its entry into the political arena were totally exceptional. Un diktat da leader del centrodestra al quale il padre-padrone di Forza Italia si è dovuto adeguare annunciando che non voterà la riforma del Mes il 9 dicembre, accogliendo quindi le pressioni della Lega e di Fratelli d' Italia. Letta: Mattarella non firmi - Pagina Nazionale - il Tirreno", "Bondi e Repetti, ora l?addio è definitivo Nel partito è guerra generazionale", "Berlusconi a tutto campo. Forza Italia apre all’ipotesi di votare lo scostamento di bilancio con la maggioranza. Forza Italia (translated to "Forward Italy" or "Let's Go Italy", known also by its acronym FI) is a centre-right political party in Italy whose ideology includes elements of liberal conservatism, Christian democracy, and liberalism. A former topless model who was once appointed equal opportunities minister by Silvio Berlusconi is challenging the former prime minister for control of his political party, Forza Italia.Mara Carfagna Ciò che però davvero defin isce Forza Italia è la centralità del suo leader: Berlusconi. [87] One of the main reasons for the split was Toti's support of an alliance with the League and the Brothers of Italy (FdI) at country-level, about which Berlusconi was reticent and Carfagna against. Berlusconi himself was a close friend of Bettino Craxi, leader of PSI, in spite of his Christian Democratic and Liberal background (he was a DC's activist in occasion of the 1948 general election). After the election, FI was basically divided in two camps: one led by Parisi, who did not officially joined the party and proposed a more traditional centre-right "liberal-popular" path, and the other led by Toti, who had formed a strong partnership with Roberto Maroni and Luca Zaia, the LN's Presidents of Lombardy and Veneto, and was supportive of a full-scale alliance with LN and, possibly, of its leader Matteo Salvini's bid to become the leader of the centre-right coalition. But by working with the prime minister, Berlusconi might have hoped to secure a central role for himself in the presidential election. [93][94] Since being elected President of Liguria in 2015, Toti became more autonomous from Berlusconi and more and more a strong supporter of closer ties with Lega Nord. Silvio Berlusconi was sworn in May 1994 as prime minister of Italy in a government in which the most important cabinet posts were held by fellow FI members: Antonio Martino was foreign minister, Cesare Previti defence minister, Alfredo Biondi justice minister and Giulio Tremonti (at the time an independent member of Parliament) finance minister. Pronto il nome: "Italia Civica, "E Berlusconi ordinò: "Fermate l'esodo o cade l'esecutivo, "TRA QUARTE GAMBE E BAD COMPANY, VIAGGIO NELLA GALASSIA CENTRISTA IMPLOSA PER L'ANSIA DA SEGGIO", "Fratelli d'Italia: via An e Msi dal simbolo. It was … [39], Fitto, the strongest backer of Berlusconi's leadership in late 2013, became his main internal challenger by mid 2014. The name is not usually translated into English: Svante Ersson; Jan-Erik Lane (28 December 1998). [9], Alessandro Campi wrote that "the political culture of Forza Italia – a curious and, on many respects, untold mixture of "liberalism" and "democratic populism" – deserves to be described as an "anti-ideologic ideology", [...] as a synthesis or fusion of very diverse political families and traditions (from liberal catholicism to social conservatism, from reformist socialism to economic liberalism), kept together by the mobilizing appeal to "freedom"". Within the party there was a long debate over organization. I have in front of me a telegram you sent to Mr Berlusconi, leader of Forza Italia. Before being merged into the PdL, Forza Italia had a President (currently Silvio Berlusconi), two Vice-Presidents (Giulio Tremonti and Roberto Formigoni), a Presidential Committee (presided by Claudio Scajola) and a National Council (presided by Alfredo Biondi). Also Antonio Martino and Giancarlo Galan were formers Liberals, Jas Gawronski was a leading Republican, while Marcello Pera has a Socialist and Radical background. Most members of the party were former Christian Democrats (DC): Giuseppe Pisanu (former member of the leftist faction of DC and Minister of Interior), Roberto Formigoni (President of Lombardy), Claudio Scajola (former Minister of the Interior and of Industry), Enrico La Loggia, Renato Schifani, Guido Crosetto, Raffaele Fitto, Giuseppe Gargani, Alfredo Antoniozzi, Giorgio Carollo, Giuseppe Castiglione, Francesco Giro, Luigi Grillo, Maurizio Lupi, Mario Mantovani, Mario Mauro, Osvaldo Napoli, Antonio Palmieri, Angelo Sanza, Riccardo Ventre and Marcello Vernola are only some remarkable examples. The new FI, announced in June 2013,[14][15] was launched on 18 September[16][17][18][19] and the PdL was formally dissolved into the party on 16 November. Forza Italia[nb 1] (translated to "Forward Italy"[8][9] or "Let's Go Italy",[10][11] known also by its acronym FI) is a centre-right political party in Italy whose ideology includes elements of liberal conservatism, Christian democracy, and liberalism. Request PDF | Forza Italia: A Leader with a Party | Forza Italia is a new party. Just better. On 27 November the Senate approved Berlusconi's expulsion,[30] following the leader's conviction for tax evasion in August, when Berlusconi was sentenced to four years of imprisonment, the last three being automatically pardoned. In 1994 Berlusconi founded Forza Italia (“Go, Italy!”), a conservative political party, and was elected prime minister. Forza Italia. As of the end of December 2013, Berlusconi was set to appoint two vice-presidents: Antonio Tajani (European Commissioner and vice-president of the European People's Party) and Giovanni Toti (former editor of Studio Aperto and TG4,[35] two news programs of Berlusconi's Mediaset). New, too, were its organizational structure and political culture. After this disappointing electoral performance the cabinet was reshuffled, due to the insistence of the Union of Christian and Centre Democrats's leaders, and Berlusconi formed his third cabinet. [13] In the 2018 general election FI was overtaken by Lega Nord as the largest party of the centre-right coalition. However it is possible to distinguish some patterns. (Xinhua/Alberto Lingria) (whw) Forza Italia Silvio Berlusconi, the leader of Forza Italia, is currently appealing a ban on holding public office as a result of a 2013 tax fraud conviction, but since a verdict is not due until 2019, he cannot run for Prime Minister on this occasion. FILE PHOTO: Forza Italia leader Silvio Berlusconi speaks following a talk with Italian President Sergio Mattarella at the Quirinale palace in Rome, Italy, April 12, 2018. On 31 July 2007 Berlusconi's protegee and possible successor Michela Vittoria Brambilla registered the name and the logo of the "Freedom Party" (Partito della Libertà) apparently with Berlusconi's backing. additional speeches by Forza Italia leaders, followed by the elections to the party presidency, the Committee of the Presidency, and the National Council (Consiglio Nazionale). Anyway Gianfranco Fini, National Alliance's leader, was appointed vice-president of the government and foreign minister from 2004 to 2006, while Roberto Castelli, senior figure of Lega Nord was justice minister from 2001 to 2006. Maurizio Cotta; Luca Verzichelli (12 May 2007). Nei giorni scorsi Forza Italia ha incontrato Giuseppino “Pino” Berti, leader dei Moderati, per ragionare su una sua candidatura a sindaco per le elezioni comunali del 2021 a Pinerolo. [40] Fitto's supporters included Capezzone, Maurizio Bianconi, Rocco Palese, Saverio Romano, Cinzia Bonfrisco, Augusto Minzolini and most Apulian MPs.[41]. In January 2017 Antonio Tajani was elected President of the European Parliament, the first Italian since Emilio Colombo (1977–1979). Coordinamento Forza Italia regione Friuli Venezia Giulia. [70] Since June 2017 the party was joined by three deputies and one senator from Popular Alternative (AP, ex-NCD), one deputy and one senator from the Mixed Group (ex-Five Star Movement, M5S), one deputy from Direction Italy (DI, ex-CR), one from Solidary Democracy (Demo.S), one from Act! [2], In fact the electoral base of Forza Italia was highly heterogeneous and the ideological differences among its voters are explained also by its different regional constituencies: while voters from the North tended to support the original libertarian line of the party, voters from the South tended to be more statist. [citation needed], FI's ideology is similar to that of its predecessor, The People of Freedom (PdL), a big tent centre-right party including Christian democrats, liberals, conservatives and social democrats. The government had a short life and fell in December, when Lega Nord left the coalition, after disagreements over pension reform and the first avviso di garanzia (preliminary notice of an investigation) for Berlusconi, passed by Milan prosecutors. Roma, 2 set. In 2000 regional elections the Pole of Freedoms, with the support of Lega Nord, won in 8 regions (the most popolous ones, except Campania) out of 15 and Forza Italia's members were elected President of Region in Piedmont (Enzo Ghigo, confirmed), Lombardy (Roberto Formigoni, confirmed), Veneto (Giancarlo Galan, confirmed), Liguria (Sandro Biasotti, newly elected), Puglia (Raffaele Fitto, newly elected) and Calabria (Giuseppe Chiaravalloti, newly elected). [99] The majority of its members voted against civil unions, whereas the NCD voted in favour. Occhio, perché lui corre da solo. [108] Finally, FI considers Italy as a country with a Christian civilization and, thus, favours displaying Christian symbols in public places. FILE - In this Nov. 21, 2019 file photo, Silvio Berlusconi, Italian former Premier and President of Forza Italia (Go Italy) party speaks during the European Peoples Party (EPP) congress in Zagreb, Croatia. Forza Italia (translated to "Forward Italy" or "Let's Go Italy", FI) was a centre-right political party in Italy with liberal-conservative, Christian-democratic, liberal and populist tendencies, as well as a significant social-democratic minority. Key posts in the party structure were appointed by Berlusconi or by his delegates. [2] From a comparative perspective the ideology of Forza Italia has been characterized as both "liberal conservative",[5][6][20][21][22][23] "national conservative"[24] and "liberal". Riflette sul caso delle ultime ore, sull'apertura di Silvio Berlusconi al governo, quell'apertura che ha terremotato Forza Italia con l'addio di Laura Ravetto e altri due deputati. Added in 24 Hours. Only in coalition with the separatist Lega Nord and smaller right-wing parties would it have a shot at winning 40 percent nationwide. Fortunately, for want of an alternative candidate, the … [62][63][64] In November, when it was clear that Parisi would not come to terms with Salvini, Berlusconi disowned Parisi,[65][66] who responded by launching his own Energies for Italy (EpI) party. [104] The party has criticized illegal immigration and the way it has been managed by centre-left coalition governments. In June 2001, after the huge success in May elections, Sivio Berlusconi was returned head of the Italian government, the longest-serving cabinet in Italian Republican history. L'ideologia del partito variava dal liberismo all'economia sociale di mercato di ispirazione cristiano-democratica.Il suo colore ufficiale era l'azzurro. [85] However, after a few weeks, Toti left the party in opposition to Berlusconi[86] and launched Cambiamo!. It was the main member of the Pole of Freedoms and the House of Freedoms coalitions, … [106] In addition, the party is opposed to drug liberalization, which it considers potentially negative for health and not useful for solving criminal matters. (Photo … [48] However, Berlusconi and Fitto did not find an agreement on the composition of the slates in Apulia, where the two wings of the party fielded two opposing candidates for president,[49][50][51] and similar problems arose in Tuscany,[52] Verdini's (and Renzi's) home region and stronghold. FI also seeks good relations with Russia, especially in defence of the interests of Italian companies that export to the Russian market. "Sgarbi is the personality more suitable for Pama, a city that has been designated as the capital of culture for 2020," explains Aimi -. [53] He also left FI altogether and launched his own party, named Conservatives and Reformists (CR) too. Coro dalla platea: "Un presidente, c'è solo un presidente, "Quegli economisti euroscettici (proprio come Berlusconi)", "Can Berlusconi make a eurosceptic comeback? Berlusconi decided to run in the 2019 European Parliament election as FI's top candidate in all Italian constituencies, except for central Italy. In the same year, it scored very well (25.2%) in the 1999 European Parliament election. President of the Italian Senate and Forza Italia member, Maria Elisabetta Alberti Casellati at the Quirinale palace in Rome, april 18, 2018 By Giada Zampano April 18, 2018 3:44 pm Share on Facebook; Share on Twitter; Share on Linkedin; Mail; Print; … The congress program con-fidently scheduled a final address by Silvio Berlusconi immediately after the votes, prejudging the outcome of the party's internal elec-tions. Forza Italia's leader was replaced as prime minister by Lamberto Dini, an independent politician who had been the administration's treasury minister. Le destre: "Referendum" - Il Fatto Quotidiano", "Aborto e nozze gay, ecco come hanno votato gli italiani a Strasburgo", "La Camera approva la legge sul biotestamento. Europa da cambiare, ma non in discussione, "Berlusconi abbraccia la Merkel e l'europeismo, ed era ora", "Coalizione alla tedesca: la Merkel "riabilita" Berlusconi per un governo Pd-Forza Italia", Early 20th-century Italian political parties, Wilfried Martens Centre for European Studies,, Member parties of the European People's Party, Parties represented in the European Parliament, Articles with incomplete citations from December 2016, Articles with unsourced statements from September 2019, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 22 December 2020, at 05:50. The party was founded in December 1993 and won its first election soon afterwards in March 1994. The party was heavily dependent on Berlusconi's image. We want a social market economy. Many were former Liberals (PLI), Republicans (PRI) and Social Democrats (PSDI): Alfredo Biondi (President of Forza Italia's National Council) and Raffaele Costa, both former PLI leaders, and former PSDI leader Carlo Vizzini were later MPs for Forza Italia. [22] According to Berlusconi, the PdL would become a coalition of centre-right parties, including the new FI, Lega Nord (LN), the NCD, the FdI, etc. Lega in calo, cresce Forza Italia Tra i leader il ministro della Salute Roberto Speranza diventa primo per gradimento. We believe that the State should be the servant of the citizen and not the citizen the servant of the State. [23], Among the supporters of the return to FI, the so-called "hawks"[24] and self-proclaimed "loyalists",[25] a leading role was played by Raffaele Fitto, who, despite the common Christian-democratic background, was a long-time rival of Alfano. The electoral results of Forza Italia in the 10 most populated Regions of Italy are shown in the table below. Poli, E. (2001) Forza Italia. Renzi said there was no hidden agenda. DISAFFECTED. Find the perfect Forza Italia Party Leader Silvio Berlusconi Campaigns Ahead Of The General Election stock photos and editorial news pictures from Getty Images. [73] In the context of a more united centre-right, Costa might form the "fourth leg" of the coalition, after the LN, FI and the FdI, by uniting other AP splinters, DI, F!, Identity and Action (IdeA), the Italian Liberal Party (PLI), the Union of the Centre (UdC), and the Pensioners' Party (PP),[74][75][76] all variously affiliated with FI and the centre-right. One of its latest proposals is the introduction of a flat tax. Explore {{searchView.params.phrase}} by color family {{familyColorButtonText(}} Giorgia Meloni , leader of Fratelli d'Italia party, Silvio Berlusconi, President of Forza Italia and former Italian … In 1996 the Pole of Freedoms finally lost the elections and began what Berlusconi called "the crossing of the desert", something that could have been proven fatal for a young and unstructured party such as Forza Italia. FILE PHOTO: Forza Italia leader Silvio Berlusconi sits next to Northern League leader Matteo Salvini during a meeting in Rome, Italy, March 1, 2018. Luigi Di Maio: l’intervista 03 Dicembre 2020. It was the only party to use the word "President" in its logo. [54] By mid July, when CR was formally established as a party, nine deputies, ten senators and another MEP had left FI in order to follow Fitto. Italy was shaken by a series of corruption scandals known as Tangentopoli and the subsequent police investigation, called Mani pulite. Il leader di Forza Italia ha poi aggiunto: «Siamo consapevoli che la situazione del Paese è sempre più grave, possiamo dire che non è mai stata così grave dall’inizio della pandemia. [36] As a result of the resentment by the party's old guard, notably including Fitto, on the alleged appointment of Toti also as coordinator-at-large, Berlusconi appointed him merely "political counselor" to the party. After the election, long-time FI senator Elisabetta Casellati, was appointed President of the Senate, with centre-right's and M5S' support. Forza Italia's leader was replaced as prime minister by Lamberto Dini, an independent politician who had been the administration's treasury minister. A livello … Scontri a Verona, il leader di Forza Nuova: «Questo è solo l’antipasto» Luca Castellini, ex ultrà Hellas: «Siamo a fianco delle persone disperate». In the 2006 general election the party was present with a slightly different logo, with the words "Berlusconi President" (Berlusconi Presidente). In the elections the party lost many votes, mainly to the LN, and gained more than 10% only in three regions out seven (including Apulia, where the party's candidate did worse than Fitto's one, while, in Veneto, a former stronghold, FI barely reached 6%), but, thanks to the LN's strong showing, Toti was elected President of Liguria. The party's anthem was sung in karaoke fashion at American-style conventions. To understand the novelty of Forza Italia three features are relevant: the ‘product’ innovation, which consists of the leader, Silvio Berlusconi, with his personal party; the competitive innovation, related to the alliance politics opened … Forza Italia is a new party. Vice President of the President's Committee. In July Berlusconi appointed Tajani, who had been previously tipped as candidate for Prime Minister in the run-up of the 2018 general election,[78] vice president and Adriano Galliani coordinator of departments,[79][80][81] in an effort to restructure the party, which was shrinking in opinion polls. For our Region this proposal is undoubtedly a huge … Italy’s Former PM Silvio Berlusconi Lashes Out Against EU At Northern League Rally. In December 1999 Forza Italia gained full membership of the European People's Party,[12] of which Antonio Tajani, party leader in the European Parliament, was Vice President. Forza Italia balla tra "governisti" e "sovranisti". ", "Berlusconi turns Eurosceptic in bid to return to power", "Tajani: "Centrodestra vince se guida Forza Italia. [98] However, recent developments proved the party more socially conservative. FI includes several factions and ideological trends. However, after NCD's internal struggles, its transformation into Popular Alternative (AP) and several splits, some NCD conservatives have returned to FI. E c?è il caso Toscana", "Fitto, nasce associazione Conservatori e Riformisti", "FI, gruppo Camera fa i conti: ipotesi scissione Fitto 'vale' 1 milione di euro", "Raffaele Fitto, con lui dodici senatori: ecco i nomi", "Denis Verdini lascia Forza Italia: "Con Berlusconi posizioni distanti, vado via, "Alfano, Bondi, Fitto, Verdini: Due anni di addii a Berlusconi", "Il lento declino del Berlusconi politico e il centrodestra non sa più dove andare", "Una poltrona per due: Salvini e Parisi in guerra per la leadership", "Donald Trump esalta e divide il centrodestra. Forza Italia is a new party. BOLOGNA (ITALY) – Italy’s billionaire … [...] Freedom is not graciously conceded by the State, because it comes before it. The party, formed out of the former People of Freedom (PdL), is a revival of the defunct Forza Italia (FI), active from 1994 to 2009, when it was merged with National Alliance (AN) and several minor parties to form the PdL. In an atmosphere of reconciliation with Gianfranco Fini, Berlusconi also stated that the new party could have seen the participation of other parties. Forza Italia is a liberal party although not an elitist one, indeed a popular liberal-democratic party; it is a Catholic party although not a confessional one; it is a secular party, although not an intolerant and secularist one; it is a national party, although not a centralist one. [26], Forza Italia claimed to be a fresh-new party, with no ties with the last governments of the so-called First Republic, and at the same time to be the heir of the best political traditions of Italy: Christian Democrat Alcide De Gasperi, Social Democrat Giuseppe Saragat, Liberal Luigi Einaudi and Republican Ugo La Malfa were considered as party icons. The name is not usually translated into English:, Since 2018 Lega Nord has filed electoral lists as, 2013 Trentino-Alto Adige/Südtirol provincial elections, "Silvio rialza la bandiera liberale e liberista", "Chi sono i populisti? “Berlusconi’s political project has come to an end,” said Stefano Maullu, a member of … We believe in freedom, in all its several and vital forms: in the freedom of thought, in the freedom of expression, in religious freedom, of every religion, in the freedom of association. "Temo che sarò ancora il numero uno, "Berlusconi Revives Forza Italia in Plea for Help Against Trials", "Silvio Berlusconi Relaunches Forza Italia on Senate Ousting Vote", "Berlusconi Vows to Stay in Politics if Ousted From Senate", "Berlusconi Stakes a Claim for Relevance, but Avoids Threats", "Berlusconi breaks away from Italian government after party splits", "È rottura tra Berlusconi e Alfano Il vicepremier annuncia i nuovi gruppi", "Alemanno lancia "Prima l'Italia": "La priorità è portare il Paese fuori dalla crisi, "L'addio al Pdl (in frantumi), rinasce Forza Italia", "Nel Pdl colombe pronte alla battaglia E il partito ora rischia la scissione", "Fitto: noi lealisti non vogliamo posti Azzerare tutto e poi congresso", "Pdl, tanti no all?ipotesi del congresso", "Il Pdl e la sfida sugli incarichi Si affacciano i mediatori", "Nasce Forza Trentino: ultimo pressing su Mosna", "Biancofiore candida l'Artioli capolista", "Alle 17.42 l'annuncio dopo il voto palese L'ira di Forza Italia sui Cinquestelle", "Confermata la condanna Berlusconi sconterà 1 anno", "Forza Italia esce dalla maggioranza Alfano: "Un errore sabotare Letta, "Berlusconi, Alfano: no alla decadenza.