Several decades of research supports the use of music therapy in treating trauma, PTSD, and other crisis situations. Trauma can happen over a period … The genius finds the way, in spite of all the words and all the heated discussions, into the heart and into the mind. Music Land is a Silly Symphony that debuted on October 5, 1935. Perhaps not so obvious is the role music can play in the treatment of trauma and clients suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome (PTSD). In fact, music therapy traces its’ roots back to helping WWII soldiers in military hospitals recover […] Recent theorizing about the connection between the brain and trauma (Perry, 2009; Porges, 2011; van der Kolk, 2015) has led to a burgeoning of interest in the provision of music-based programs with people who have had adverse experiences. Music therapy literature describes how music is used in the facilitation of healing from psychological trauma. Music Therapy & Medicine. This theoretical article addresses the converse, namely how trauma can impact on music creation, interpretation and performance. Cultural techniques play an important role in helping communities to recover from trauma. Childhood trauma can interrupt typical development and can create post-traumatic stress responses including aggression, impulse control, anxiety, increased hyperawareness, social withdrawal etc. Yes! Music Therapy & Mental Health Music therapy is emerging as a practice medium that is applicable for children who have experienced severe and prolonged interpersonal trauma in highly compromised caretaking relationships. Trauma-informed expressive arts therapy is a model for arts-based approaches that integrates current best practices in trauma-informed care with what is … The effects of such trauma on both individuals and communities, are deep and long-lasting (Sutton, 2002). Psychological effects of trauma include Acute Stress Disorder and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Along with Symphony Hour, the short was released on the Walt Disney Mini Classics and Disney Favorite Stories VHS releases of Peter and the Wolf. Music Therapy for Persons in Correctional & Forensic Settings. Music and Trauma Those familiar with the benefits and applications of music therapy typically understand how music can help with learning disabilities, cognitive decline and early intervention. Music Therapy and Trauma While no one wants to recognize that any could hurt a child, there are many children who need help because of trauma they have experiences. In a world that is dominated by news of conflict, violence and natural disasters affecting millions of people around the globe, there is a need for effective strategies for coping with trauma. One of the questions I’m frequently asked is if music therapy is a good treatment choice for trauma and/or PTSD. Music Therapy & Military Populations. Music is not cortically distinct, but rather shares cortical networks activated in similar non-musical tasks PET studies: music activates many areas of the brain “It is now known that music listening, performing, and composing engage regions throughout the brain, bilaterally, and in the cortex, neurocortex, Music Therapy & Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Music Therapy & Alzheimer's Disease. When music is introduced Read More Music Therapy in Response to Crisis & Trauma. Music Therapy in Child and Adolescent Behavioral Health.