Alias Soothsayer | Snotlout's arrogance and bullying attitude make Hiccup initially dislike him. In the franchise, Hiccup is always the one looked at when dragon-related problems or needs come up. Astrid is Hiccup's closest human friend and love interest in the film franchise. Astrid Hofferson | A Page Dedicated For Hiccup! He was also an honorable mention on WatchMojo's Top 10 From Zero to Hero Movie Protagonists and #10 on their "Top 10 Movie Characters with Mommy and Daddy Issues". Kenji Kon | This sarcasm displays an amount of contempt for the bloodthirsty chief. Donkey | Mildew highly dislikes Hiccup because Hiccup has changed Berk, and because of this Mildew's animosity towards the dragons has stretched out to incorporate Hiccup as well. Angie | Douxie Casperan | Chet | In "Family on the Edge" and "Saving Shattermaster", Hiccup tries to reason with Heather about Dagur's change. Later, the Dragon Riders came to Hiccup's rescue and Ryker was defeated. Draal the Deadly | He then sacrifices himself for Hiccup and dies shortly after, although his death is not seen. The only time Hiccup and Toothless attacked first was against Alvin in "We Are Family, Part 2". Peng | How to Train Your Dragon Vanessa Bloome | Alvin then begins to try to train dragons of his own, but he fully realizes that to do so, he will need Hiccup. Due to his shyness, he had a habit of stuttering and stammering when talking to some of the other Vikings, especially Astrid, or when his father was angry at him. Duggard the Decisive, Secondary After revealing that he had been manipulating Hiccup the whole time, Johann openly attempted to murder him multiple times, until he was frozen to death by the Berserker Bewilderbeast. Zephyr Haddock (daughter)Nuffink Haddock (son) Though his intentions are good, Gobber often gives out comically bad advice that somehow just makes Hiccup feel worse. In "To Heather or Not to Heather", Hiccup tries helping Heather train Windshear after she joins them on the Edge but it proves to be unsuccessful. Hiccup is also prone to overconfidence in his ability as a diplomat due to being mostly successful so far, which becomes a major catalyst of the second film's storyline; his total belief that he would be able to reason with Drago causes him to run away from Berk to confront the warlord, causing Stoick and Valka, who both understood and witnessed firsthand the true extent of Drago's psychopathy and knew he could not be reasoned with, to chase after him. However, Grimmel is prepared of such scenario and manages to trap the Dragon Riders. Viggo Grimborn† | Vitaly | Goals In the first film, Hiccup almost died when he fell into the inferno of the. Sleeping Beauty | Hiccup didn't let this deter him, however. After a lengthy chase, Hiccup risks death by kicking Grimmel off the Light Fury to save Toothless before releasing his prosthetic leg and let Grimmel fall into the sea. His hair is short and tends to stand straight up on top. In the span of those years, he's moved twelve times. Chief of BerkHead of the Dragon RidersStrike Class specialistToothless's best friendLeader of the Berk Dragon Academy After being defeated and telling the Berserker armada, Dagur tells them no one is to hurt Hiccup, except him, after he gets his dragon. Perfuma | Most of the time the other riders follow his commands without question. Stoick the Vast (deceased) Hiccup is usually sarcastic around Alvin which annoys the Outcast chief considerably. His dragon, Toothless the Night Fury, is the rarest and best dragon in the Academy. He and Toothless clearly have the strongest bond of all the riders and their dragons in the series. Alive Gromit | He and the other riders are back on good terms with Heather again once she reasons her actions and helps them defeat Alvin. Hutch | Unlike his real leg Hiccup can use the metal leg to many different advantages. At the end of the film, Gobber is the one who constructs a new fake tail for Toothless and Hiccup's prosthetic leg. Brooklynn | Aaron | However, Hiccup would later become terrified of the doll and eventually threw it into the ocean while the family was out fishing. Darius Bowman | Drago and Hiccup conversing during their first meeting. 20 yrs old Shrek | The peak of Hiccup's sympathy is displayed in his releasing Mildew, the very man who had betrayed him, from an Outcast cell. Hiccup's relationship with Dagur took a new turn after the first ordeal with Viggo Grimborn. Gender: Delta | With their mutual prosthetics, they complete each other. Stoick is Hiccup's overprotective father. Burple | In "Have Dragon Will Travel, Part 1", unlike the rest of the riders, Hiccup is put off by Heather's dramatic change. Hiccup's voice actor, Jay Baruchel and Alfred Molina, who voiced Viggo Grimborn co-starred together in Disney's The Sorcerer's Apprentice. Hiccup was completely fooled by Alvin's plot to lure him to the Isle of Night, and Alvin has many times watched helplessly as the "90-pound boy repeatedly defeats an army of blood-thirsty savages.". When the others found Dagur, Hiccup explained how Dagur had saved him. He often doesn't think things through and is more determined to gain the recognition of his peers than he is heedful of others' orders, often causing problems for the rest of the tribe, and himself. Friends/Allies: Bumpy, See Also The two, along with other adult Vikings, go on an ocean voyage. His dragon and best friend, Toothless, is a Night Fury, the rarest and most intelligent of the dragon species. View the profiles of people named Hiccup Horrendous Haddock. Like his father, Hiccup is shown to love his mother very much and like her to be in his life again and Valka is willingly to sacrifice her happiness for the sake of his. Drawing: Even before Hiccup begins to train dragons, he practices drawing. Drago, on the other hand, lost his arm, and his method involves shouting wildly and stepping cruelly upon on a dragon's snout. Unlike Hiccup's other opponents, Eret also seemed to respect him from the get-go. Gorgonites (Ocula, Punch-It & Scratch-It, Insaniac, Slamfist & Troglokhan) | However, he is much stronger than he appears. Ginger | Lou | Grimmel then reveals to Hiccup the time when he killed his first Night Fury and how it motivated him to exterminate every dragon he could find, and Hiccup came to realize that Grimmel is what he would become if he chose to kill Toothless in the first place. Tzipporah | His hair is shorter but a similar style as in the first film. Do-Gooder Heather | Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III had been voiced by Jay Baruchel. Hiccup appears to be a loving and gentle father. Arthur Pendragon | He has been seen launching bolas from his shield with very good accuracy, almost never missing. All official sources since 2014 state Hiccup's age to be 15 in the first film, however it's suggested by. Unfortunately, Hiccup is occasionally naive in his sympathy, as Mildew betrayed him yet again right afterward. He is the son of Valka and the late Hooligan chief, Stoick the Vast, thus making him the heir, and later, the current chief of the tribe. Another defining moment is at the end of "Crash Course" when Hiccup tells Snotlout he is proud of him. Leadership: Despite spending most of his life ignored by others, Hiccup is a natural-born leader. Be praised and accepted by the people of Berk.Bring peace between the Vikings of Berk and Dragons.Defeat the Red Death (all succeeded).Defeat Alvin the Treacherous (formerly).Save Berk (succeeded).Defeat Dagur the Deranged (formerly).Defeat Viggo Grimborn and Ryker Grimborn.Unlock the secrets of the Dragon Eye.Defeat Johann and Krogan.Defeat Drago Bludvist.Avenge his father's death.Protect Berk.Become the next chief.Protect his people.Find the Hidden World.Defeat Grimmel the Grisly.Protect Toothless and the other dragons in the Hidden World.Marry Astrid Hofferson and rule Berk together with her (all succeeded), Valka (mother)Astrid Hofferson (wife)Nuffink Haddock (son)Zephyr Haddock (daughter), Toothless (best friend and main dragon)Astrid Hofferson (girlfriend/wife)FishlegsSnotloutRuffnut ThorstonTuffnut ThorstonStormflyMeatlugHookfangBarf and BelchGobber the BelchEretAlvin the TreacherousGrumpDagur the DerangedBoneknapperViggo Grimborn †SkrillScreaming DeathWhispering Death Johann (formerly) †Light FuryNight Light HatchlingsHeatherWindshearSpitelout JorgensonThrokMildewThornadoValka's Bewilderbeast †CloudjumperSkullcrusherGothiSpitelout JorgensonMalaAtaliWingmaidens, Red Death †Alvin the Treacherous (formerly)Dagur the Deranged (formerly)Boneknapper (formerly)SlitherwingsSavageDragon HuntersOutcast TribeBerserker TribeSkrill (formerly)Whispering Death (formerly)Screaming Death (formerly)Mildew (formerly)Firecomb Crasher Viggo Grimborn (formerly) †Ryker Grimborn †Krogan †Johann (first archenemy) †Drago Bludvist (second archenemy/polar opposite) †Drago's BewilderbeastNorthern AllianceEret (formerly)Light Fury (formerly)WarlordsDeathgrippers †Grimmel the Grisly (third archenemy/evil counterpart) †. He abducts him several times throughout the series. Maurice | After Dagur's supposed death, Hiccup felt guilty for not believing him. One of his more unique traits is a small, white scar just below his bottom lip on the right side of his chin, which he received as a baby the night Cloudjumper took his mother away, to the nest of the Bewilderbeast. Lars Smuntz | Full Name ~RP and S4S page. Wrong Hordak | Initially, Krogan underestimated Hiccup due to his love for dragons and lack of killing, believing that he and the Dragon Riders are a mere nuisance. Tuffnut Thorston | Join Facebook to connect with Hiccup Horrendous Haddock and others you may know. He has been seen ordering Toothless to kill Alvin when he was threatening to toss Astrid off of a cliff. Coran | He even attempted to get inside Hiccup's brain through digs at his relationship with Astrid. Type of Hero Hiccup currently does not necessarily like Mildew's company, but due to his ignorance of Mildew's second betrayal, Hiccup has forgiven him. Hiccup also has very good observational skills which come in handy during his time with Toothless and during dragon training. After returning back to Berk, Hiccup assigned Eret on a special project assigned to his particular skills and passions. Ruffnut Thorston | He is a Viking son of the chief, Stoick the Vast, thus making him heir to the Hooligan tribe, he later becomes the current chief of the tribe. Enemies Sailing: In How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World, Hiccup is able to sail with a small ship near the entrance of Hidden World without being pulled by the currents in the waterfall, which indicates that he is a very good sailor. Though thanks to Fishlegs, they eventually manage to integrate Windshear. Bucky, Spike and Quillo | Alignment: Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III(mostly known asHiccup Haddock) is the main human protagonist of theHow to Train Your Dragon franchise. His sketches are usually quick and slightly messy, but compared to most other Vikings he is quite good. In "A Time to Skrill", Tuffnut mentions that he has a painting of Hiccup hanging above his bed. Hiccup here. 37,615 likes. He is rather prone to letting his insecurities cloud his judgment and affect his actions; in the film, his desperation for the acceptance of his tribe, and his father in particular, cause him to regularly attempt to kill dragons along with the villagers, only to end up doing more harm than good due to his clumsiness. Out-of-UniverseInformation Smidge | Hiccup is usually seen in dark green pants, a green tunic that reaches to his mid-thigh, a brown belt where he also keeps a small knife, a brown vest-like fur coat, and typical Viking-style boots. This left Hiccup shouting that he hated the Berserker. Despite this, Hiccup shows great aptitude at being a leader and a strategist: he leads his Dragon Fighting classmates into battle, using his friends' strengths wisely in the battle against the Red Death. Dragons live with us with no problem. Toothiana | It is possible Mildew has returned to Berk and became an ally. Erica Wang | As noted by the twins, Hiccup is a bad actor. Scorpia | 30 years old Madagascar Heroes | How to Train Your Dragon He also carries a weapon, a retractable fire blade called Inferno. Originally, Hiccup perceived Calder as an ally who could help him in investigating the situation in Nepenthe. He's shown to be very cunning, resourceful and perceptive and possesses a great aptitude for strategy and tactics. Their feelings built up as they grew up and as the series progressed, and he never stopped loving her. Cloud Guy | Stoick the Vast† | Hiccup and Alvin both clearly underestimate each other. In "Enemy of My Enemy", he was surprised that Dagur was trying to help him and Toothless escape the Dragon Hunters, but he still didn't trust him. As this is the only time Hiccup has attacked his opponent first, it's safe to say that Hiccup had a deep hatred of Viggo at the beginning of Triple Cross. Burnish | Location: He is considered to be the second dragon that Hiccup has officially trained in the series. Nevertheless, the two still have a very close and trusting relationship, Astrid being Hiccup's best friend after Toothless, regularly confide in each other and are usually the first to volunteer aid to each other. John H. Miller | Sign up ... Reign, and the rest of the Dragon Riders. King Quincy | Viggo seeks revenge and forces Hiccup to help him perform it by feeding Toothless Red oleander, and pretending that it is poisonous, once again playing mind-games with him. Sierra | Kung Fu Panda Heroes | Wingnut | General Warren R. Monger | They off a cliff, but Hiccup managed to hang onto a rock and Krogan caught the boy's metal leg. Hiccup starts off at odds with Ruffnut and Tuffnut but manages to gain their respect over the course of the franchise. Dagur managed to escape and proved it was a trap. Eventually, Krogan caught up to Hiccup and while they were fighting, Hiccup recognized Krogan as the man who attempted to buy Toothless at Viggo's auction. He never once mocked or underestimated Hiccup because of his untraditional appearance. 30 yrs old The image gallery for Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III during How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World may be viewed here. Hiccup quickly managed to win over Queen Mala's loyalty and forged an alliance with her tribe. The feat is especially notable because it was said that only the most brilliant mind could solve those clues. He confronts his father about it and learns that the horn was a gift to Oswald the Agreeable for his newborn daughter, making Heather Dagur's sister. Sinbad | Tiger | He is not short, but he is also far from muscular and is weak compared to the other Viking teens in his class. In "Midnight Scrum", Throk came to Hiccup's rescue on Queen Mala's orders and managed to save him from Savage. Bridget | In the Dragons: Riders of Berk series, his mistaken belief that Stoick still does not accept him causes him to lead the other Vikings on a potentially dangerous treasure hunt to prove himself in "Portrait of Hiccup as a Buff Man". At first, both keep their distance after Hiccup shoots Toothless down with his bola sling invention, but their curiosity leads them to learn more about each other. Stormfly | In the Japanese dub from the movie, he is voiced by Hayato Taya. Stella | Pig | Valka | Father: Cooper | AAARRRGGHH!!! He and Hiccup were initially in conflict as Eret attempted to trap dragons for Drago Bludvist as opposed to Hiccup's respect for them. In the end, Valka stays with him on Berk and celebrated along wtih Gobber, Astrid and the rest of the villagers her son's coronation as Chief of Berk. Stoick the Vast | Alvin has notably targeted Astrid, and this has served to fuel the fire of the rivalry. In The Serpent's Heir, Hiccup used his prosthetic leg to unlock a door, showing that it can be used as a key. Voiced by: Since Hiccup is unaccustomed to winning anything, he handles it poorly, letting the glory go to his head to the point where he briefly becomes as arrogant and unpleasant as Snotlout. When flying, he is also seen wearing a matching spiked, masked helmet that protects his face and head. When he's working in the Blacksmith Shop, he removes his vest in favor of a beige smelting apron. He is intelligent and is constantly creating inventions for various uses throughout the first film, including a bola launcher, a dragon's prosthetic tail and saddle, and a riding vest. Metro Man | The depth of their relationship is furthered when Hiccup fashions a fake tail for Toothless, only to discover that the two need each other to use it to fly; Hiccup is needed to manipulate the fake tail while Toothless does the actual flying. Fishlegs Ingerman | Moreover, during a dragon raid, it is shown that Stoick, along with everyone else in the village, prefers that Hiccup stay inside and out of harm's way (though this may be because Hiccup is more of a risk to the village than the dragons are to him). The two were soon captured by the Hunters, eventually, Dagur managed to escape while he left Hiccup behind. Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III, the quiet and thoughtful son of the Chief of the Hairy Hooligans, tries to pass the important initiation test of his Viking clan by catching and training a dragon. In "A Gruff Separation" when Tuff was dressed up as Gruffnut, Hiccup refers to Tuff as one of his Best Friends. 18-19 yrs old Christy Fimple | Children/Offspring: When Dagur learns the truth about Berk's dragons, he feels betrayed and attacks Hiccup and Toothless. He is noted to be quite handsome and attractive. Hiccup beats Dagur, and he and the others head back to Berk, as they need to be ready when Dagur returns. That much he knew. In The Serpent's Heir, Eret already began showing his loyalty to his chief by standing up for Hiccup and later on taking an initiative to help him and the other riders escape when they were being held captive by Calder on Nepenthe. And while Hiccup considers dragons as "kind amazing creatures", Drago only sees dragons as weapons of mass destruction. In the latter, he also wears a matching mask covering his mouth and nose. The Dragon Trainers staged a dragon attack to save Barf and Belch, and the Berserkers retreated. In the first film, Hiccup expresses his inability to kill a dragon, however he is the only human character to be shown getting a confirmed kill (with assistance from. Eret | This causes Stoick to apologize for his prejudice against dragons and say that he is proud to call Hiccup his son. Hiccup then detached his prosthetic, letting Krogan fall to his apparent death. Toothless starts to trust Hiccup and even allows him to touch him, and eventually ride him. Sandy Crood | 21 years old Lenny | Sash, Live-Action Movies Sammy Gutierrez | He managed to create the Diving Bell using a smelting cauldron and a diving helmet. Biggie | Mantis | At first, however, Hiccup is almost obsessed with proving himself to the rest of his tribe; he often doesn't think things through and is more determined to gain the recognition of his peers than he is heedful of others' orders, often causing problems for the rest of the tribe, and himself. Oogway | The Missing Link | Mermista | Although they failed in this attempt, Alvin was still one of the few people Hiccup is willing to let Toothless kill but gave up when Alvin relented his attempts to destroy Berk and instead became an ally. The image gallery for Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III during the deleted scenes may be viewed here. Along with that, he will need to replace it if it's damaged, just like he did in "The Zippleback Experience" when Barf and Belch kept destroying it. Cinderella | Monkey | The Society of Robes | Verne | Zephyr Haddock, Dragons Stoick accuses Hiccup of siding with the dragons and later no longer considers Hiccup to be his son. Red Death †Alvin the Treacherous (formerly)Dagur the Deranged (formerly)Boneknapper (formerly)SlitherwingsSavageDragon HuntersOutcast TribeBerserker TribeSkrill (formerly)Whispering Death (formerly)Screaming Death (formerly)Mildew (formerly)Firecomb Crasher Viggo Grimborn (formerly) †Ryker Grimborn †Krogan †Johann (first archenemy) †Drago Bludvist (second archenemy/polar opposite) †Drago's BewilderbeastNorthern AllianceEret (formerly)Light Fury (formerly)WarlordsDeathgrippers †Grimmel the Grisly (third archenemy/evil counterpart) † Throughout the series, Hiccup grows from a boy to a man and wishes to journey to new lands and meet new dragons. Stoick the Vast (father) †Valka (mother)Astrid Hofferson (wife)Nuffink Haddock (son)Zephyr Haddock (daughter) Sykes | Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III is the main protagonist of the How to Train Your Dragon franchise. Minion | Hobby Valka would sew Hiccup a dragon toy with his name stitched into the sides. Eventually, Calder revealed his intention when he had Hiccup and the other Riders imprisoned. His innate friendliness and tendency to give others the benefit of the doubt cause him to be a little too trusting of strangers, leaving him vulnerable to manipulation and deceit by more dishonest characters, such as Heather and Mildew, on more than one occasion.