Please plug the power cord into a three-hole power jack. One company. Have a good time! Discover 3D models for 3D printing related to Ender. Learn the differences between Creality's 3D Printers: Ender 3 and Ender 5. • Ender 3 Pro comes with a Mean Well UL Certified power supply, protecting your printer from unexpected power surges, that can heat the hotbed to 110℃ in just 5 minutes. The Creality Ender 5 Pro is a great 3D printer and one I can highly recommend. Buy the official Creality3D Ender-5 Pro 3D Printer for a discounted price of $379.99 and enjoy a 1-year warranty and 14-day return. The first was the Ultimaker 2+. The Ender 5 3D printer is a very well-designed device that will almost assuredly meet the expectations of its users. Creality Ender-5 3d printer| Newly designed cubic 3d printer come with wider Y-axis printing space, and different printing systems from top to end unlike other FDM 3d printers, fully customized for those people who love complicated installation and try new types of 3d printing. There are a few problems that can arise, such as a problem with the filament feeding into the printer, but otherwise, the Ender 5 is an excellent choice for those new to 3D printing. $379 USD $499 USD (33 reviews) Add to Cart . Detailed instructions for use are available on the TF card. About Creality Ender 5 Pro 3D Printer upgraded features Here is a spell overview of the differences between the Ender 5 Pro and original Ender 5 3D Printer. One of the most popular and probably best-selling 3D printers from China was the Ender 3 (Pro), which was able to convince with great results at a low price and was therefore probably sold more than 100,000 times (according to Creality). Page 1 Ender-5 Printer Guide Book To make Top-quality 3D printer This guide book is for standard Ender-5. Two printers. The BEST 3D Printer Under $500 by ALL3dp.Creality Ender-5 3d printer come with wider Y-axis printing space, fully customized for those people who love complicated installation and try new types of 3d printing. The Ultimaker 2+ gets top reviews and I have found it to be a very fine 3D printer, which makes a good standard for comparison. Add to Wish List; Compare (33 reviews) QUICK VIEW . One attribute that is unique to the Ender 5 Pro 3D Printer is the new V1.15 silent Mainboard with TMC2208 drivers, allowing for quieter and more precise printing performance. Which should you choose and for whom? Creality Ender 5 Pro Upgraded 3D Printer. Download your favorite STL files and make them with your 3D printer. Creality Ender 5 Pro 3D Printer Kit. Creality Ender 3 & Ender 3 Pro - Upgrades, Information, and Tips Ender 3 V2 - Swapping to the 12864 Creality LCD for more features Ender 5 Plus Upgrade Paths – EZABL, EZBoard, LCD Kit This is the second 3D printer I've owned.